Infolibrarian embarked on its journey to provide useful information to Library and Information Science [LIS] professionals in 2000. Soon, within a span of a year or so, it received good response from fellow LIS professionals. The site also made it to the list of useful resources of United Nations, UNESCO, Subject Directories etc. Today, we realise the name 'infolibrarian' has become omnipresent among the professional circles in India and abroad. We very much appreciate and sincerley thank you for your patronage extended to us and we hope you will continue to support us in meeting our goals.

Infolibrarian's journey towards future likes to deal with the identification of quality resources and assist Researchers and LIS professionals alike in the best use of these resources with the help of web tools and tutorials for effective retrieval of right information at a right time from a right source. Some of it is in continuation with our present journey and something new towards the future. The journey would also like to make use of latest web technologies such Web 2.0/web 3.0 tools for a collaborative activities and effective dissemination of information.

Your suggestions are most welcome! Mail them to:
infolib [at] infolibrarian [dot] com