Patents and Standards

Patents and Standards form a major collection of any scientific and technical libraries. On internet good number of Patents and Standards are available. Some of these are available for free of cost and some are priced. Please follow the links to get more information.

Database / Guide

  • Intellectual Property Resource Reference Center provides access to various intellectual property data collections currently hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Access to the Digital Library is available to the general public free-of-charge.

  • Think Standards is a place where you can learn about the standardization discipline and the value that standards hold in today’s global marketplace.


  • Ag Biotechnology Patents and New Technologies provides full text biotech patents for 1994-95 and patent titles for 1996. Also includes bibliography of articles, books and reports related to biotechnology.

  • Canadian Patent Database lets you access over 75 years (since 1920) of patent descriptions and images. You can search, retrieve and study more than 1,400,000 patent documents of Canada.

  • Epatent database of Singapore here Upon registration, you could gain free access to basic bibliographic details on all patent applications filed with IPOS.

  • Europe's Network of Patent Databases [esp@cenet] is a free service provided by the European Patent Organisation through the EPO and the national offices of its members states. It is possible to search all the patent applications published in the past two years (or more in some cases) by any national office in the European Patent Organisation. Also gives abstracts, bibliographic data and full text of patents registered at EPO, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and WIPO and abstracts and bibliographies of patents of many more countries.

  • Free Patents Online is a search engine, which helps in searching patents.

  • helps you to track/search new published US patent applications each week BEFORE the USPTO decision to grant/deny.

  • Fullerene Patent Database covers patents related to buckyballs, nanotubes, and other fullerenes. This database is brought to you by the laboratory of Prof. M. S. Dresselhaus, at M.I.T. Currently, only U.S. Patents are available here. For some patents, the full text is available, accessible by clicking on the patent's title.

  • Indian Patent Database provides free online access to Ekaswa A & Ekaswa B databases. Gives information regarding patent applications filed in India as published in the issues of the Gazette of India (Part III, Section 2) from January 1995 onwards.

  • Indian Patent Information provides information regarding Indian Patenting system, acts, list of latest patents applied for, etc.

  • Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand provides access to the New Zealand Trade Mark, Patent and Design database.

  • Japan Patent Office provides access to patent documents of Japan.

  • pat2pdf is a search tool, which helps you to dowload US patents in .pdf format.

  • Patent Lens aims to assist both professionals and non-professionals to understand and navigate the intellectual property landscape within the life sciences. Search on free full-text life science patent database can be made on this site.

  • SurfIP is one-stop portal for all your comprehensive information needs on Intellectual Property, especially patents. It allows searching for various patent databases (including US Patent Trademark Office), World Intellectual Property Organization, European Patent Offic, UK Patent Office, etc.) from a single search interface.

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] provides full text access to patents granted w.e.f. 1976 and full-page images since 1790. Also provides information regarding patent applications w.e.f. March 15, 2001.


  • American National Standards Institute provides online full text access to ANSI standards for price. However, one can make searches free of cost.

  • British Standards Online covers British, European or International standards. British Standards Online, the exclusive, authoritative, and current site for all BSI publications. Updated daily, the site includes over 38,500 current, draft and historic British Standards, more than 16,000 of which are BSI adopted European and International standards. Allows searching by standard number free of cost, full texts are available on subscription.

  • DSCC: Index of the Defence Supply Center's Spcifications provides full text access to copies of documents managed at DSCC.

  • International Standards Organization [ISO] is a non-governmental organisation world-wide federation of national standards bodies from some 130 countries established in 1947. The catalogue is especially good for finding equivalents or near equivalent standards from a wide range of standards from around the world. Full text or paper copies of standards are available for price.

  • National Information Standards Organization [NISO] gives free access and download to its standards and technical reports.

  • National Resource for Global Standards [NSSN] is a World Wide Web-based system designed to provide users with a wide range of standards information from major standards developers, including developers accredited by the American National Standards Institute, other U.S. private sector standards organizations, government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, and international standards organizations. Access to full text of few standards are available for price. However brief description is available for free.

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