Tutorials on the use of databases, Internet, etc are available online for students, researchers and faculty members to improve their information literacy skills in making best use of electronic resources.

Following are few tutorials, which could be very useful for you. You may please click on the links to explore.

Information Literacy

  • Author Aid : AuthorAID is global online network that provides support, mentoring, resources, and training for researchers in developing countries.

  • Connected Researchers : It provides information regarding different online tools useful for researchers.

  • Creative Researcher : It provides practical information and advice for researchers about creativity in a research environment.

  • Balanced Researcher : It helps you in planning your strategies to be more effective in your work, balance work and other parts of your life and Specific actions that will have a big impact on your work and life.

  • Engaging Researcher : It helps you in inspiring people to engage with your research.


  • Internet Detective: Internet Detective - a free online tutorial that will help you develop Internet research skills for your university and college work. The tutorial looks at the critical thinking required when using the Internet for research and offers practical advice on evaluating the quality of web sites.

  • Intute Virtual Training Suite: Virtual Training Suite - a set of free Internet tutorials to help you develop Internet research skllls for your university course. These interactive, teach-yourself tutorials take around an hour to complete. Simply work through the material in your own time at your own pace.

  • Tonic: TONIC is an introduction to the internet, the web and much more. It is a practial guide, which help in the best use of Internet.